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Beyond technical performance alone, the technologies used were chosen because they improve ergonomics or limit the impact on the environment. It is a complete range of indicators that provides weighing information to management or automation applications via modern channels (USB, Ethernet, fieldbus…) with easy implementation.

The I 410 system provides a new solution to the issues encountered when integrating a weighing function to any industrial process.
With a modular and distributed design, the I 410 system is organized around the CANopen field bus, and comprises the following 3 main elements:

  • A weight TRANSMITTER processing the signal close to the load cells for better immunity to electromagnetic disturbance. Some transmitter models even integrate the load cell junction box,

  • a GRAPHIC TERMINAL associated with a weight transmitter per measurement channel managed (up to 31 channels),

  • a COUPLER providing communication with the most common industrial field buses in the market: Profibus, DeviceNET, Ethernet TCP/MODBUS, Ethernet/IP and Profinet.

  • Local or remote digital Inputs/outputs,

  • RS 232, RS422/485 and USB communication,

  • Local or remote 4-20 mA or 0-10V analog inputs/outputs,

  • USB flashdrive for weighing storage and traceability.


The i5 offers numerous advantages to integrate into your work environment. Its IP66 housing, in ABS for fast cleaning operations, is fitted with 4 non-skid feet for perfect stability on the work surface. Its reversible front panel and mounting accessories enable its installation in any kind of situation.

It is equipped with a pressure balancing device that protects it from condensation and an elastomer seal that ensures sustainable optimal watertightness.

The i20 indicator benefits from PRECIA MOLEN’s experience, expertise and research in designing an accurate, basic and ergonomic product for industrial use.

The i20 has the following distinctive features:

  • Design and styling for industrial use (robustness, high IP rating and easy to clean).

  • Ease of use.

  • For connection to one or more load cells. Available in tabletop, wall, column or panel mounting versions.

  • High quality construction in Grade 304L stainless steel.

  • Latest technology including FSC (Field Sequential Colour) – LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and non-polluting high capacity batter LiFePO4.


Forget everything you know about weighing and discover a high-quality, seamless user interface!

In line with the i-series indicators, the new i25 Touch is versatile and offers eight weighing modes, capable of managing one or two weighing platforms

Its intuitive and customizable interface, which allows users to manage products, compile batch data or to get statistics in real time, all remotely. Weight matches can be controlled at a glance with the Color Weight function. The configuration can be customized very simply using the high-resolution touch screen.

The i30 weighing indicator from PRECIA MOLEN is part of the measurement unit dedicated to weighbridge management. The i30 links the weight measurement that is core to weighing with the IT management tool (PCS LAN optional supply), whilst complying with all legal for trade use regulation requirements.

Performing up to 100 measurements/second, it is one of the most efficient industrial indicators in the market.

Its compact and light housing that is entirely made up of stainless steel offers IP66 water-sealing.

Its colour display that is much appreciated by users makes data reading very simple.


Weighing indicator i 40 is particularly adapted to process weighing as it easily fits into any industrial process that implies with measurement. The various connection possibilities offer a direct link with the i 40 for most PLC and industrial market PCs. With different types of housing, the indicator can be installed directly into the work environment, into a cabinet or a monitoring terminal.

  • Housing version

  • Mounting version

  • DIN rail version

  • 4-load cell junction box version

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