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PRECIA MOLEN ASIA PACIFIC is a member of the Metrology Corporation Malaysia, accredited under the Weights and Measures Act 1972.


We are licensed to Manufacture, Install, Repair, Calibrate, and verify weighing and measuring equipment to comply with the legal requirements of the Act. We can tailor design maintenance agreements to suit our customers exact requirements to accommodate production schedules, specialist equipment and planned maintenance programs


Weighing equipment properly installed and maintained offers its owners the best return on investment due to its high accuracy, reliability, longer operational life and reduced equipment downtime.

We can provide you with regular calibration and inspections carried out by qualified professionals. 

Ensuring the smooth running of your weighing equipment and that equipment is at optimum performance levels.


We can provide a complete installation service on most makes of weighing equipment. 

This includes the relocation of existing equipment to another area of the business operation.

The solution might not always be to buy new equipment, if the existing equipment is still in good working condition, it could be relocated, reinstall and calibrate the existing equipment. However, we can help you either way.


We can service and repair an extensive range of makes and models of weighing equipment to meet your specific requirements and needs this ensures that your equipment is in good working order and meets all trade measurement requirements.

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