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PRECIA MOLEN celebrates its 70th anniversary! #2

70 years of worldwide expansion!

PRECIA MOLEN is present on every continent! With 20 subsidiaries and 9 production sites around the world, we can meet the needs of each of our customers, wherever they are.

The strength of this expansion lies in the constant continuance of the spirit of Jean Escharavil's 1951 workshop in Privas and in the know-how of our international teams. The values of our company, attention to customer needs, research and innovation are still our daily driving forces.

Today, it is no longer enough to rely on the performance of existing products. In a rapidly shifting world, technical and technological developments are constantly changing our daily lives. We constantly need to renew, modernize, and reinvent our solutions to create new offers in line with our customers’ changing needs.

Stay tune for part 3 tomorrow!

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