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Our wide range of continuous weighing scales are designed for belt conveyors from 400 mm to over 2.40 m wide bulk particle sizes, up to 500 mm at a speed from 0.3 to over 5 m/s, allowing to calculate flow rates reaching 12 000 t/h and more. In addition, our weight belts and weigh belt conveyors meet your specific applications such as automatic loading, food processes or tight circuits for powder-based products.

Modular Belt Weigher (MBW)

The MBW can be easily fitted on any stringer conveyor by using one of the existing idler stations. It has been particularly designed for bulk weighing, flow measurement and day production totalling during extraction, processing, prestorage phases, etc.

This product is adapted to all activity sectors using belt conveyors: extraction industry (minerals, aggregates, coal…), mineral industry (phosphate, fertilizers, cement…), agri-business (cereals, bagasse, sugar…), chemical industry (salts, PVC, washing powders…), wood industry, bio-mass, recycling, crushing.

3 Weighing Modes

  • bulk weighing

  • flow measurement

  • day production totalling during extraction, processing, prestorage phases


FX (Single Station Belt Scale)

The FX / TWIN single-station infrastructure scales are specially designed for continuous weighing and combine rigidity and lightness in order to transfer the entire weight onto the strain gauge sensors. If the need for precision or accuracy is less important, it is possible to reuse a conveyor station and install a MBW modular scale without a specific weighing infrastructure.

The compact assembly facilitates quick and easy installation using standard tools

Multi Station Belt Weigher TAB

he TAB multi-station belt weigher scale model was designed for weighing bulk products in the extractive, mineral, cement, fertilizer or phosphates production, agri-industry, sugar refinery, timber, recycling industry market sectors and other activities using belt conveyors.

The TAB scale can be installed in a new conveyor or can easily replace at least two roller stations of an existing conveyor. This weighing infrastructure can be equipped with more than two roller stations in order to obtain the expected accuracy.

TAB copy.png

Belt Speed Roller BSR

BSR series speed rollers are used to measure the conveyor belt speed. Depending on the target function, they can be connected to a PLC or to a belt weigher controller, directly or via a BRC remote interface.

Our speed rollers BSR are available in two diameters (BSR89 and BSR133) to fit perfectly into your installations.

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