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In industrial processes, as soon as the level of accuracy becomes lower than +/- 1 % and down to 0,25 %, only a gravimetric feeder can match your expectations. Regular feeders are based on strain gauges load cells in order to offer the most cost-effective solution.

In blending application, the achievable accuracy with volumetric feeders is not easy to estimate: to help with this situation, PM range integrates an original model of volumetric belt extractor (VBE) which can be twisted in a glance into a weighing extractor (WBE) by the simple addition of an external weighing frame.

Weigh Belt Feeder WBF

The WBF weigh belt feeder allows ensuring the continuous bulk product dosing.

This dosing infrastructure ensures the joint extraction and weighing of any gravity flowing product through a feeding hopper provided.

The WBF has been specially designed for use in the cement, steel, mineral, fertilizer production, agri-industry and other activity sectors using dosing, single or double regulation dosing.

This doser is equipped with a continuous weighing scale integrated in the conveyor and a belt speed measuring device. These measurements are used to calculate the flow rate with an accuracy from +/- 0.25 % to +/- 1.0 % depending on the application and product behaviour.


Belt Scale with Conveyor BT

The model of belt conveyor BT comprises an entirely weighed belt conveyor connected to a supporting frame by two pivot points situated along the axis of the product supply line, with one pivot point mounted on 1 or 2 load cells.

The model BT is used where the installation of a belt scale is not feasible, e.g. where the total conveyor length is less than 6 metres.

Models BT require independent feed and discharge conveying systems.

Two versions are available : BT-A for Agri-food industry, and BT-L for mines, quarries and others heavy industries.

Mini weigh belt feeder MD

The MD mini weigh belt feeder performs bulk product continuous dosing operations.

This dosing infrastructure ensures simultaneously the extraction and the weighing of all gravity rolling products. The MD has been especially designed for use in agro-industry, food industry and chemistry activity sectors.


TD Dosing Hatch

The TD is a volumetric dosing hatch with a metal sheet welded frame, in hot-dip galvanized S235JR grade steel.
The accuracy is from +/- 2 to 3 %

Volumetric Belt Extractor XKV / XKP

The XKV is a volumetric belt extractor, in hot galvanized steel with an accuracy from +/- 1 to 3 % depending on the flow characteristics of the product to be extracted.


The XKP is a gravimetric belt extractor in hot galvanized steel including a weighing framework to ensure the weigh-based function. The accuracy is from +/- 0,5 to 1 %.


Fully Weighed Screw Conveyor VP

The VD is a fully-weighed screw conveyor with an accuracy from +/- 1 to 2 % according to the product to be dosed.

Lost in Weigh LIW

The LIW is an extractor-feed including a cylindrical-conical shaped reception hopper with 3 gussets for attachment of cells for an accuracy from +/- 0.5 to 1 %.

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