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Designs and Manufactures Bulk Weighers since 1892 and can assist with all your projects of process dosing as well as load-in / load-out operations.
Suitable for all types of free-flowing products, our Automatic Bulk Scales cover a wide range of flow from 10 up to 4 000 m3/h and exist in both Safe or Explosion proof version.

ABS - HF Hopper Scale

The automatic bulk scale ABS-HF is designed for high flow weighing of dry commodities with good flowability such as cereals and fertilizers.


With a range width from 200 to 4,000 m3/h, the ABS-HF are particularly suitable for the loading-unloading station in grain elevators to manage the ship / train / truck in-bound and out-band.


ABS-X Hopper Scale

The ABS-X hopper scale is designed for the automatic weighing of dry granulous products which flow well, such as cereals. Flow ranging from 20 to 200t/h.

ABS-X is easy to install and maintain thanks to its simple and robust design, low height and section.

ABS - XF Hopper Scale

ABS-XF Hopper Scale is designed for the automatic weighing of powder or flour type.

It can be used for internal use or in legal metrology to equip a loading station. Flow ranging from 7.5 - 45t/h.

The ABS-XF bulk scale is robust and easy to use. Components are located outside for safety and maintenance. Structure is made of S235G steel with food grade coating, meeting all requirements from the Agro Industry sector.

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